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Title: Designer / Director

Introducing: Melanie Jade


From a small country town on a beach, Melanie Jade has been travelling in her swimwear since the age of 2! She was born for the role of specialty travel bikini designer. Her creations are inspired by her bikini wearing adventures, with the huge heart of an animal welfare advocate and marine conservationist. MJ always has a flight booked and a bikini design in progress. Like a mermaid with legs she’s always in or near the ocean or gypsetting across it to a foreign land.

Where in the world will you find MJ?

Guadeloupe, French Antilles, Caribbean Islands.

For Wanderlust Bikinis


Title: Photographer

Introducing: Josh Groom


Josh is a Rock ‘n Roll Photographer and the Official Photographer for Wanderlust Bikinis. Motivated, creative, professional, and highly respected, Josh has shot more world famous bands than we can even begin to mention. Best known for his talent in focusing in and capturing the sweaty split seconds of pure magic that happen on live music stages and music artist/band portraits Josh also photographs for Moshcam, Drum Media, the Gig Guide and his work is regularly published on For his best work, see and the Wanderlust Bikinis’ Platinum Collection, Nativa and Destination Campaigns.

Where in the world will you find Josh?

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island.


Title: Model

Introducing: Madeleine


More than just an American woman with killer pins, Madeleine is a Wander Woman with a new engagement ring and more noticeably, diamonds on the inside. Complementary to her attractive model face and physique, Madeleine has studied fashion design in Milan and plans to marry her sweetheart in Hawaii, a land of timeless beauty and Eco harmonious habitation, also like Madeleine

Where in the world will you find Madeleine?

Waimalano beach, Oahu, Hawai’i.


Title: Model

Introducing: Ali Baxter


Jet-setting Aussie glamour model Ali, suits the finer things that life has to offer. With excellent work ethics and curves to make the Kardashians jealous, Ali is one hot, head-turning beach babe! When she can bear to part with her adorable mini pooch Bella, she’s jetting to Miami, Vegas, Hawaii and next on her list is Europe!

Where in the world will you find Ali?

South Beach Miami, FL, USA


Title: Model

Introducing: Hayley Beth


Hayley loves to travel! A degree in International studies has seen her living in Spain and Mexico, between other travels. It’s no wonder Hayley has the same open heart, thirst for travel and hunger to do right for the world as Melanie Jade does, having also been brought up in a small coastal town.

Where in the world will you find Hayley Beth?

Tulum, Mexico.


Title: Model

Introducing: Melinda Sørg


Born in Germany and raised in Italy and France, Melinda is a gypsetter to the bone. From Europe to South East Asia including Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and the all over U.S. Melinda is now study International Business and maintains her beauty on the Vegan diet, she was raised on!

Where in the world will you find Melinda?

Nice, South France.


Title: Model

Introducing: Celeste Parker


The beauty of this German / Filipino, is more than skin deep, having worked on charities such as a Dog shelter in Thailand and the Red Shield Appeal – giving fresh water to those in need in Cambodia. Celeste currently sells Real Estate between international holidays. Celeste keeps up her appearances and stays full of energy by being modest, and on a diet of Vegan Paleo foods.

Where in the world will you find Celeste?

In a different bikini every day, in Koh Samui, Thailand.


Title: Model

Introducing: Rachel


If Rachel isn’t planning travel or gypsetting across the seas, she’ll be planning travel for someone else! Living on the beach and fond of the finer things in life, Rachel also loves to discover new, wild and wonderful places. Otherwise blogging about her travels or catching up with friends, Rachel is what Wanderlust Bikinis is all about!

Where in the world will you find Rachel?

At Burning Man.


Title: Model

Introducing: Maddison Mae


Maddi has family from Irish, English and French descent. She attended kindergarten in Jakarta, Indonesia, studied Italian in florence for a month and lived in England for a year! But that’s not all, Maddi has also travelled right throughout Europe, Vietnam and even been to New York, New York!
With a degree in Public Relations, Maddi also finds the time to donate blood regularly and hopes to find herself working in the Fashion industry long term.

Where in the world will you find Maddison Mae?

Valencia, Spain.



Title: Illustrator

Introducing: Rosie


Rosie lives in Bondi and likes to spend her days doodling and illustrating, whilst sitting on the beach. She loves to get inspired by the wonderful people, sites and places Bondi has to offer. She’d be happiest travelling the world in a campervan, jumping into the sea and drinking cups of tea, drawing for everything and everyone.

Where in the world will you find Rosie?

On Bondi Beach or lost in an art shop buying pens!



Title: Photographer

Introducing: Brent Pottinger


Brent Pottinger of L&P Digital Photographic, only works with the world’s best digital lighting and photography equipment. The quality of his work combined with paralleled high end gear makes for clean crisp studio images. When he’s not in the Phase One Studio shooting groups of bikini clad models, you’ll find him travelling, on his boat sydney harbour with bikini clad girls and Bruno, the coolest Hound dog in the harbour.

Where in the world will you find Brent?

South Bay Beach, Hong Kong.



Title: Make-up Artist

Introducing: Chelsea Dunkley


Chelsea has a wealth of knowledge and experience with working both in front of the lens, and behind the scenes. Recently graduated from the Australiasian Beauty College, Chelsea is now the most beautiful and down-to-earth, qualified Hair & Make-up Artist in the industry. Often seen on set with Wanderlust Bikinis, Chelsea is always on task, calm and friendly, a valuable part of the hard working Wanderlust team.

Where in the world will you find Chelsea?

Byron Bay, Australia.



Title: Make-up Artist

Introducing: Mariel McClorey


Originally from New York, Mariel started in the movie industry early. She is known for her excellent work as a Make-Up and Special Effects Artist and Acting. Her recent works featured on Wolverine, Mad Max and acting in several television series in Australia. Always in demand and giving 110% creative expression for every project. Mariel’s work can be seen in Nativa, by Wanderlust Bikinis.

Where in the world will you find Mariel?

Byron Bay, Australia.



Title: Web Design & Development

Using the latest technology and web standards FEWD offer smart affordable web solutions for personal, startup and small to medium businesses. They design easy to manage websites for their clients while providing the best user experience to their customers. FEWD websites work on all devices, from mobile phones and tablets to desktops and large display screens.


Title: Blue Planet SUP Australia

As surfers, the ocean is our playground and we need to act as its shepherds. As a business, Blue Planet SUP use environmentally responsible materials, conserve energy, recycle and try to minimize the impact on the environment and the oceans. Hawaiian designed SUP boards, making waves in the Aussie market. Lifestyle, yoga, surf, SUP.

Where in the world will you find Blue Planet SUP?

Surfing in Waikiki.


Title: Meko 100% Pure Coconut Water

The Meko 100% Pure Coconut Water is made from pure, fresh and all natural Coconut Water ONLY – not from concentrate and never frozen. Meko 100% Pure Coconut Water contains no added flavours or sugars and absolutely no hidden nasties making it the perfect substitute for fresh young coconuts, which you can enjoy anytime and any place!

Where in the world will you find Meko?

On a tropical palm tree fringed beach, a nearby stockist or delivered straight to you!

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