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Wanderlust Bikinis believes in an organic life:

Where humans, animals and nature co-exist.

Fashion however, is one of the most toxic industries to the Earth. Polluting, land-filling and taking from the planet’s resources in excessive amounts. Modern fashion innovation is required to stop deforestation, loss of endangered animal species and unfair or unsafe work conditions.

Snow Leopard Bikini

Ending the need for fashionistas to have a new piece every season:

This idea comes from traditional values where material possessions are made to last, not be disposable which uses up the Earth’s resources almost unnecessarily. Wanderlust Bikinis pride quality and ethical production for sustainability.

This means our seasons are not labeled with years, but with locations.

By designing our bikinis around the environment and lifestyle of a destination, we believe the styles become timeless and are less like to go ‘out of fashion.’ Functional for the surf, sport, sunbaking or swimming. Practical for women with plus size boobs but small frames and proud curves. Drawing in the character of the culture, wildlife and memories created on your dream escape. Stylish enough to be revered by the locals of the destination and to hold the nostalgia of your dream holiday many years after you arrived home.



Wanderlust Bikinis aim to create more quality garments with a very low cost to the planet.

We do this by using water based dye, not as harmful to the environment as oil based inks.
Water based dyes also give the fabrics a forever lasting colour and vibrancy, meaning the swimwear that we create will last a long time and will not be disposed of after one wear. In our all of our practices we do our best to recycle and keep wastage to a minimum.

We manufacture with polyester fabrics, that do not require as many natural resources to produce.

We manufacture Wanderlust Bikinis constantly, and with demand to reduce stock wastage. All our paper wastage and packaging is recycled. We work only with authentic Brazilian & local Australian suppliers. We are very self-sufficient, all production is quality controlled and is carefully done by workers who earn proper wages.

Wanderlust Bikinis - Nativa Limited Edition

Since World Oceans Day in 2015, our packing and postage is plastic free.

With proud affiliations with other brands like Meko 100% Coconut Water and Blue Planet SUP Australia: Wanderlust Bikinis only work with like minded, earth loving brands.

See our Credits Page for more.

 profile-meko-water profile-blue-planet

Wanderlust Bikinis love animals too!

One of the topics we are most passionate about at Wanderlust Bikinis the issue that many animals are becoming endangered and extinct because of the growing population humans. Many big cats, such as the Snow Leopards suffer the risk of extinction due to habitat loss and poaching. Wanderlust Bikinis feature a snow leopard print bikini, the ‘Tibetan Snow Leopard Bikini.’ This bikini was specially designed to raise awareness of this fragile big cat species, rather than exploiting them for their famous fur patterns.

All profit from the Tibetan Snow Leopard bikinis go toward saving the Snow Leopards.

The Snow Leopard Trust is the largest and oldest organization working solely to protect the endangered Snow Leopard and it’s habitat in 12 countries of Central Asia, including Tibet.

Snow Leopard

Thank you for loving Wanderlust Bikinis and loving the world with us.



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